Caroline de Maigret’s coups de cœur

Caroline de Maigret wearing Chanel 1932 necklace.
Diamonds are forever

At Mademoiselle Privé in Seoul, you can admire the reedition of the fascinating jewelry collection designed by…

Jung Jin Hwa's studio
Delicate and subtle

I visited the artist Jung Jin Hwa’s studio. His work is extremely sensitive and beautiful. He paints in…

Mademoiselle Privé in D Museum
Mademoiselle Privé in Seoul

I went to the exhibition Mademoiselle Privé that starts today in Seoul. It’s an interactive exhibition which offers a glimpse…

The spirit of Seoul

I love how, in Seoul, the old and the new live together. How concrete and green manage…

Caroline de Maigret in front of "Bells from the Deep".
The Leeum in Seoul

Bells from the deep by Lee Bul 2014 – Leeum Museum The collection of the Leeum Museum…

Clara Luciani 3 @ Claudia Revidat
© Claudia Revidat
Clara Luciani’s beautiful melancholy

I’ve known Clara Luciani for a couple of seasons. She had been spotted on stage singing for…

About style…

People often ask me to talk about my style. And I always explain that my style is…

© Victoria Lafaurie
© Victoria Lafaurie
Papooz’s tropical vibes

I really like them. We come from the same place in the Southwest of France. I own…

My kimono from Japan

My friends from Tokyo gave me this beautiful gift, a kimono in silk with gorgeous flower motifs….

My look for the show
On my way to the Métiers d’art show in Tokyo

For today’s Chanel Paris Cosmopolite Métiers d’Art show in Tokyo, I was wearing my long wool coat…

Lost In Translation

Sofia Coppola just won the best director prize in Cannes for her adaptation of The Beguiled. She’s the…