Style and Allure as seen by Caroline de Maigret

A taste for contrast

This necklace is stunning, really refined. I like that its gold hue is a bit faded, preventing…

A sixties energy

When it comes to dresses, I don’t like in-betweens. I pick them either extra long or very…

la maile
Les essentiels :

I love this item: it is a cashmere coat with a built-in scarf. It’s chic, soft and…

Alma JODOROWSKY_Fall-Winter 2017-18 Haute Couture Collection
The Alma Jodorowsky touch

This photo was taken at the last CHANEL Haute Couture show. I like the way Alma Jodorowsky,…

Essentiel episode 2
Les Essentiels:
the film

Second episode of the Les Essentiels series. The idea is to create your own style based on…

le pantalon
Les essentiels : the velvet pants

This pair of navy blue velvet pants have a sublime effect, almost burnt when looked in a…

la veste
Les essentiels:
the jacket

This jacket is great, because it’s a mix of all the fashion codes I like. It’s made…

CHANEL Haute Couture
Haute Couture
Fall-Winter 2017/18

I thought this show was magical, so inspiring and romanesque. The girls looked like they were quoted…

la blouse
Les essentiels: the blouse

I love it, it is much more than a basic white blouse. Its details are very fine…

Irene Kim at the CHANEL Style Session
Chanel Style Sessions S01E04: Irene Kim

Fourth episode of the CHANEL Style Sessions with Irene Kim: she is a model, born in Seattle…

When clothes fit my personality

For this outfit, I am wearing a full Chanel look. The blouse is from the Paris Cosmopolite…

I want leather

I love leather trousers. They remind me of the Stones, of Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison. But they…