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Currently watching: David Letterman’s interviews

A great series of interviews to watch on Netflix: legendary journalist David Letterman’s talk show. Alone with…

Groovy Brodinski

I’ve been following Brodinski, an electronic music producer with franco-american origins, for a while now. The Matrix,…

Delphine Cauly / Eté 1981

Fun in the sun with Delphine Cauly

Behind the Eté 1981 Instagram account hides the illustrator Delphine Cauly. The women she draws are sensual,…


The poetry of Aurélie Dorard’s ceramics

I feel close to Aurélie Dorard’s universe. Working with sandstone or porcelain, this Parisian ceramist crafts simple,…


Robert Johnson bares his soul

Delta blues is truly one of my favourite music genres. It’s a very pure and unpolished form of…


the grunge side of Los Angeles

They are called Starcrawler, are from Los Angeles and have that undefinable nineties coolness that I find…

5. Pour Sunday Times, Nicole De Lamargé en Cardin, 1966 - Copyright Peter Knapp
Nicole De Lamargé en Cardin, 1966 ©Peter Knapp

The sixties as seen by Peter Knapp

You can’t always recognize a Peter Knapp picture, as it has probably become a classic. He’s one of…

Tempest Kate by Alex Gent JACKET SHOT
© Alex Gent

The great Kate Tempest

She’s probably one of the greatest artists of her generation. An exceptional rapper, a visionary poet, a…

Le Mépris, de Jean-Luc Godard (1963)

Bardot by
Jean-Luc Godard

Le Mépris (Contempt, in English). Everything is gorgeous in this film: the shots, the Malaparte villa, the…