le manteau

Les essentiels:
the coat

This coat is made of corduroy, which is finely ribbed velvet. It’s quite fitted and has a…


When clothes fit my personality

For this outfit, I am wearing a full Chanel look. The blouse is from the Paris Cosmopolite…


About style…

People often ask me to talk about my style. And I always explain that my style is…


My big black coat

I have been wearing my big black coat for years. When I put it on, I always…

caroline de maigret show haute couture spring summer 2017 chanel


My first rendez-vous with Gabrielle… THE CHANEL’S GABRIELLE BAG !

caroline de aigret dress sevilla seville spain espagne cab cdm diary


Calling a cab in Sevilla A black & white outfit for a flamenco mood.