Denim jacket

Leather jackets, blazers, white t-shirts… Basic staples are at the core of my wardrobe. I particularly like…

ampleur victorienne 2017-12-20-PHOTO-00000444

Uniquely Victorian

I collect Victorian embroidered tops. I find them romantic, deeply feminine, and always pleasantly roomy. Once paired with…

chanel shoes mixing classic and rock style caroline de maigret

Mixing genres

Black Suede Shoes Don’t hesitate to mix genres together. That’s a good way to find your own…

caroline de aigret reading book livre lecture hotel venise venice culture chanel exhibition exposition
Caroline de Maigret

La Donna Che Legge in Venice

Reading a beautiful novel The Wings of the Doves by Henry James, about love and its contradictions, set…


Mixing denim with Chanel knitwear

Casual mood When I went to Sri Lanka last summer, I packed a few Chanel essentials like this two…

caroline de maigret cdm diary navy sailor coat jacket caban

In the navy

The sailor coat, an essential piece for Fall. By night, I like to play with its volume by mixing…