chanel shoes mixing classic and rock style caroline de maigret

Mixing genres

Black Suede Shoes Don’t hesitate to mix genres together. That’s a good way to find your own…

cdmdiary caroline de maigret dream car musatng

Dream car

So, I’ve finally bought myself a car: a 1965 Ford Mustang! The only snag is that I…


Mixing denim with Chanel knitwear

Casual mood When I went to Sri Lanka last summer, I packed a few Chanel essentials like this two…

caroline de aigret dress sevilla seville spain espagne cab cdm diary


Calling a cab in Sevilla A black & white outfit for a flamenco mood.

meeting the coveter caroline de maigret knitwear top cdm diary
Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur

Meeting with the coveteur

Opening my closet for a piece in The Coveteur This jacket is classic CHANEL. I wear it…