Clover Grill restaurant
Nicolas Lobbestael

The Clover Grill

A new address entirely dedicated to cuisine over a wood fire. I love this typically Parisian brasserie…

Caroline de Maigret porte la montre BoyFriend de Chanel

Watch out for my boyfriend

I really had fun playing with words for those movies. Boyfriend: n. m. – sweetheart, loved one, lover. It…


Stairway to heaven

Reflecting in the legendary Cambon stairs Taking a walk like Coco did everyday, looking at the mirrors…

cdm diary caroline de maigret yarol poupaud chanel style sessions boutique montaigne

#CdMDiary #ChanelStyleSessions

These days have been pretty busy! After lots of efforts, the diary is now live! I’ll try…

Ito Eat dining room.

Dinner at Ito’s

  A Japanese kitchen to die for, right amidst the fun of Pigalle. No sushi here, just…